A Taste of Angkor Tapas Style

Twisted Angkorian Tapas

Stylish and slightly subversive, we have taken traditional concepts of Thai and Khmer culture and fused them in an edgy modern style.

Hot Rod breaks the rules of Thai and Khmer Cuisine by introducing the Thai-Khmer Tapas concept – small yet significant twists on traditional classics taking Thai and Khmer food to a new level. We’re a hot new Thai-Khmer Restaurant Siem Reap.

Mouth-watering meals

Hot Rod Tapas Bar

The Tapas concept was pioneered in Spain where love of conversation led to the creation of foods meant to accompany revelry. Over time, the practice developed into a sophisticated style of dinner where patrons order an assortment of culinary delights shared among friends.
Hot Rod’s menu, designed by Chef Peter Pitakwong of Smith and Hyde & Seek fame carries on this excellent tradition – Thai Food Bangkok

Mouth watering deserts

Hot Rod Tapas Bar

Created exclusively for Hot Rod, Bangkok master mixologist Chanond Buranon’s (Flow and Hyde & Seek) Signature Cocktails are exotic, Thai inspired, and a perfect pairing to a Hot Rod dining experience.

Wine lovers, we personally select wines from among the best. Most are single vineyard wines, many are organic or Bio-dynamic.

Or, just come to enjoy Southeast Asia’s best beers.

No matter how you drink, Hot Rod has something to tantalize, and satisfy.

We’re hot destination for Bar Siem Reap


Hot Rod Tapas Bar & Restaurant - Bar Sukhumvit